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Agriculture contributes to much of Australia’s economy, ranging from crops and livestock trade, mining as well as the manufacturing of food products totalling a $64 billion industry. It occupies 371 million hectares of land increasing annually, which accounts for approximately 50 percent of the country’s area.

Of Australia’s total agricultural land, 30.4 million hectares or 8.8% is devoted to the cultivation of crops, with the main produce being wheat, barley, canola.

Vicstock Grain’s agriculture operations begins at the roots. We are currently cropping approximately 40,000 – 70,000 hectares of farmland through management arrangements throughout Australia, mainly in Western Australia stretching from Hyden to Ongerup.

We possess state-of-the-art, modern farming technology and a team of experts that specialise in cereal grain and cropping.

This allows us to produce a variety of the highest quality cereal grains and oilseeds for both domestic consumption and international export. Vicstock Grain continues to grow exponentially within Australia’s and global agricultural industry.

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