Preserving our planet

Vicstock Grain understands that our planet is borrowed that should be treasured and protected for future generations. We are continually identifying methods and implementing advancements that will allow us to further limit our environmental footprint. We remain committed to setting aggressive but realistic goals regarding water and energy efficiency, and waste disposal.

With the advent of climate change, this will undoubtedly effect rainfall and temperature effecting farming production. Due to this, we are constantly looking for risk management initiatives including better water efficiency to limit these risks. Our practices include optimising water use, exploring irrigation techniques, storing and using recycled water, and better distribution of clean water to limit wastage.

Another area that we are focused on is controlling our carbon footprint and waste. Our efforts include implementing ways to use energy more efficiently as a starting point, as well as increasing renewable energy initiatives such as solar energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On the waste management front, we are also committed to limiting our waste build up by generating less waste to begin with through sustainable practices and also recycling as much waste as possible.

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