Agricultural Resources, Commodities Trade, Port & Logistics


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Vicstock Grain

Vicstock Grain specialises in agricultural resources, commodities trade, port and logistics, investments and financing in agribusiness across our integrated value chain.

Founded in the eighties, Vicstock began its roots in the dairy industry, primarily as a livestock agency, dealing with the sale of bobby calves and old cows.

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Agriculture contributes to much of Australia’s economy, ranging from crops and livestock trade as well as the manufacturing of food products.

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Another essential part of Australia’s agriculture is its livestock industry, which involves trades mainly in sheep, lambs, dairy cattle and meat produce, particularly in beef.

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Vicstock Grain trades all major soft commodities including wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, canola and hay.

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Port & Logistics

Albany Port stands as one of the strategic locations for export of cereal grain in Western Australia, with a natural harbour that allows for bulk handling.

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Rural Properties

Vicstock Grain acquires broad acreage rural properties in Australia and to lease and purchase more rural properties to expand its on-farm agricultural operation.

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Nourishing Our World

We are built on the foundation of creating a sustainable global supply chain to protect our natural resources for the world’s needs.

We are aware of the rising global population and the demands for quality foods. With the contribution of significant investment into our farming operations, we continue to undertake innovative and sustainable agriculture practices to maximise output while constantly aiming to produce the highest quality and safest food resources for global consumption.

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Committed to nourishing the growing and interconnected world by delivering unparalleled value across the supply chain, and creating strong bonds between people and markets.

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